Simple StackShot Controller – Download

Current Windows+Linux+Mac version (32bit and 64bit) :

Simple Stackshot Controller v0.9.9.3


Do I need any drivers ?

  • If you want to control the Stackshot rail : yes.
  • If you just want to use the Camera/Lens/Bellows simulator : no

Where are the drivers ?

  • Go there FTD2XX Drivers. Select your OS and install the corresponding drivers.

How to execute ?

  • On Windows : Just unzip the archive somewhere and launch the .exe (Simple Stackshot Controller.exe).
  • On Linux : Just unzip the archive somewhere and open a terminal. Type [raw]sudo -s[/raw]. Then [raw]./SimpleStackShotCtrl.bsh[/raw].
  • On Mac : Just unzip the archive somewhere and click on SimpleStackShotCtrl.jar.

What to do if it doesn’t work ?


Simple Stackshot Controller v0.9.9.3

  • Improvement : Now Simple Stackshot controller select the first Stackshot available and if this one is busy (already used) it select the following if any. It’s now possible to control several Stackshot with only one computer. You just have to start as many Simple Stackshot Controller as you have Stackshots connected.

Simple Stackshot Controller v0.9.9.2

  • Improvement : Added a Telnet command interface on port 1307 (default). It’s now possible to control the Stackshot remotely. type ? in the console to have command list.

Simple Stackshot Controller v0.9.9.1

  • Bugfix : When clicking on Fwd or Bck, the shutter was activated.
  • Bugfix : HiPrecision State was not keeped and saved.
  • Bugfix : Fields was not desactivated on the first move.
  • Bugfix : The MmPerRev parameter was badly reconfigured when modified in Rail Preferences.
  • Improvement : Added a Shutter Button.
  • Improvement : Added a Number of sequences (stacks) that can be defined when in Timelapse mode (Global prefs).
  • Improvement : Added keyboard shortcuts.
  • Improvement : Added a parameter to config the StepsPerRev number (in Rail config).
  • Improvement : Modified the rail management to allow users to create as much rails (Stackshot or Virutal) as they needs.

Simple Stackshot Controller v0.9.9

  • Bugfix : Step Size was badly calculated inAuto-Step and Total-Dist modes.

Simple Stackshot Controller v0.9.8

  • Bugfix : Simple Stackshot Controler can now be executed even if ftd2xx libraries are not installed.

Simple Stackshot Controller v0.9.7

  • Improvement : Added a Virtual rail to allow the use of the program even if you don’t own a Stackshot Rail.
  • Improvement : Some preferences parameters have been moved into the rails objects.
  • Improvement : The program automaticaly cleans it’s environment at start.

Simple Stackshot Controller v0.9.6

  • Improvement : Added a diagniostic option when the Stackshot doesn’t respond.
  • Improvement : Now Simple Stackshot Ctrl keeps it’s zero position between each restart. Obviously, it only works if you don’t move the rail with the hardware controler between to restart.

Simple Stackshot Controller v0.9.5

  • Bug : Corrected a bug which had the result of negative FOV at infinity.
  • Improvement : Added some statistics when Adaptive Bellows sequence is started.
  • Improvement : Added menu du Undock the Adaptive Bellows Windows (for small screens).
  • Improvement : Added icons.
  • Improvement : Added scrollbars in Adaptive Bellows windows (for small screens).

Simple Stackshot Controller v0.9.4

  • Improvement : Supressed the need to bundle the ftd2xx dll. You now have to install the official versions.
  • Improvement : Simple Stackshot Controller is now compatible with 32 and 64 bit Linux OS.

Simple Stackshot Controller v0.9.3

  • Improvement : Supressed the need to bundle the whole jre into the package. (zip = 3.5Mb instead of 35Mb).
  • Improvement : Simple Stackshot Controller is now compatible with 32 and 64 bit windows OS.

Simple Stackshot Controller v0.9.2

  • Bug fix : Typo corrected (Controller instead of Controler)…

Simple Stackshot Controler v0.9.1

First public beta release

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