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Here is a list of Macro Toolbox different projects with link to their dedicated pages.

  • Simple StackShot Controller is dedicated to the Stackshot rail made by Cognisys Inc. If you don’t know what this rail is for, or, if you don’t own one, Simple Stackshot Controller is really for you. If you don’t own one, you still can use it by using the Virtual drive and this program can, then, be used as a bellows calculator and simulator. This software version has some nice features :
    • keeps 7 of the 7 operation modes of the Cognisys hardware controller.
    • allows to set up safety limits.
    • has a special mode to create non-linear sequences with a DOF dependent step size.
    • can be used as a bellows simulator and calculator (Magnification, DOF, Effective Aperture, Diffraction limit) which can help you to predict what you’ll obtain with your Camera/Lens.
  • Android Stackshot Ctrl is the Android version of Simple Stackshot Controller and has all the features of the previous. Now you can play with your rail in the fields.
  • Mental Blossoming Lamp is an educational project with the target of controlling a flower lamp with a EEG Headset.

Other projects are in conception phase and may, or may not, be published.

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